Strategic Advice and Consulting

Strategic Advice and Consulting

Many of our clients engage a corporate advisor because they have a need for growth capital, or an interest in selling their business. It’s easy to think of this as a one-step process – someone writes you a cheque. The reality is much more complex and usually involves several steps:

  1. A strategic review: Growth options, customer/ product line profitability analysis, cost saving initiatives and performance benchmarking
  2. Build a comprehensive financial model and forecast
  3. Formulation of financial strategy, e.g. debt/ equity mix and determination of preferred investors/ buyers/ lenders
  4. Consulting advice to achieve strategic goals and optimise the value of the business. This work may be done by Toro Liberty, or our strategic partners
  5. Preparation of accounts, working capital review and expense ‘normalisation’ in preparation for investors
  6. Prepare IM
  7. Corporate transaction, i.e. capital raise, sale or acquisition

We believe that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the ones that benefit most from advisory and consulting. SMEs generally cannot justify the expense of layers of expensive management to achieve the organisation's strategic goals. As a result, they benefit most from high intensity engagements, tailored to provide senior management with additional resources where no internal resource exists. Ensuring your business is operating at its best before entering into a transaction will help you maximise value.

You can expect Toro Liberty to offer you a full suite of advisory and consulting services to help you achieve your goals. Many advisors are happy to execute a transaction in the shortest possible timeframe, but we strive to understand your goals, and bring to bear all the relevant skills and experience to improve your outcomes.

Our team has a rounded skill set, honed by years of experience in consulting as well as finance. Let our diverse experience help you identify opportunities before you’ve even considered them.

For more information, please call or email a member of the team.